Wacky Projects

While Roaming Robots fast became the leading robotic events/entertainment company, this isn’t the only string to our bow. Away from robots and robotic events, our team has the skill to cater for just about anything involving engineering. We have an ever increasing number of contracts to supply other industries away from the robotic remit, including prestigious companies such as the BBC, the Royal Charitable Trust and various production companies. From general fabrications, theatre props and set building, to building a toaster to break a Guinness World Record - yes a toaster!!!

Working in AutoCAD, Photoshop and Solid Works, we are constantly evolving our design services. Currently we can take on designs for specific applications in almost any field, including 3D printing, the latest addition to our services.

Our fully equipped workshop facilities and extensive business contacts allow us to fabricate work in a highly efficient and professional manner. Being a very flexible company, we not only work to our designs, we are also able to take on any idea/concept you may have and turn it into a finished product.

One unique area of our business is gimmicks. We receive many requests from clients to produce something that is not only unique, but is also fun. Examples include a splitting wardrobe used in a theatre, robots for an episode of the BBC show ‘Sadie J’, a car to survive a natural disaster and even working behind the scenes on the latest TV show, Gadget Geeks. You name it and we've probably done it and certainly could do it for you!

Having taken part in the last four series of Robot Wars, the team have built up their knowledge and skills to become leading players in the Robot Wars field. John’s robot, Ripper, is the current UK and Winter Tour Champion, which proves that he knows what he’s doing!

They have already completed many robots, not only for the TV, but also for private and corporate clients. Each design/concept is carefully designed and constructed to suit each application and fulfil project requirements. You too could enjoy owning a robot and experience the highs of being a Roboteer in combat!

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us as we are looking forward to hearing from you and kick starting your project into the right gear!