Birthday Parties

Roaming Robots offer 2 unique and exciting types of Birthday Parties, each lasting an hour and a half.

The first and most popular involves a 3.5m x 2.5m arena and feather weight robots (Battle Ratz). The guests can enjoy taking control of the robots and compete to see who is the best driver in each team.

We split the guests into two teams. We can cater for up to 24 guests, however 10 - 15 works well. We have a range of games to play, including robot football and an assault course, which can lead to eventual winners.

The second type of party is more about engineering - a robot building party, rather than just driving and playing!

We can build what we call Super Ant Weights, which weigh 250g. Depending on numbers, we work in teams or solo. They design and build their very own robots using the motors, radio control, cardboard, paper and scissors, etc that we supply.

This lasts approximately one and a half hours, with the first hour actually designing and building the robots, and then afterwards time to test them in a series of challenges!!

For both types of party, we also bring along Ripper, the next generation robot which took part in the last series of Robot Wars, current UK and Winter Tour Champion, currently ranked number 1 in the UK…plus any other interesting robot orientated bits and pieces we are working on at the time.

The cost is £300, which includes everything, including travel from Nottingham, and we also have a range of merchandise if you decide to put together any birthday packs… key rings, foam hands etc…. Just ask if you’re interested!

In terms of venue, most people hire a local village hall. The arena and robots run on the floor, and are designed not to need any floor protection. Our team need an hour before to set up, and approximately 45mins to pack away afterwards.

There is a 10 minute break in the middle which is normally when the food and cake are served. However, you can have that afterwards while we are packing away.


If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us - We are always waiting to hear from you to kick start your project into the right gear!