Robot Kits

Over the last few years, Roaming Robots have developed a range of Robot Kits which have been on sale.

Battle Ant Kit - £125 inc postage.

Our most popular Robot Kits to date are our Battle Antz, which have been on sale for nearly 4 years. They have been so popular, that we have just redesigned the kit to offer the following improvements.

  1. Better quality plastic making the chassis stronger
  2. 3D printed components, 2 Wheel Drive, Fast, Controllable, Flipper Fitted as Standard, Self Rights
  3. Improved servo modification

Following on from the success of the Battle Ratz, this kit is designed for the lower budget roboteer, who wants to experience the thrills and spills of robotic combat, but doesn’t necessarily have the funds for a Feather Weight, or even a monster Heavyweight.

The previous entry class to the Roaming Robots events and Robot Wars itself has always been the Ant Weight class, these 150g little machines have developed so much that equally with the feather weight class, it has become more and more expensive and challenging to build a new competitive machine.

Not any longer... even though the Battle Antz weigh 250g, the standard kit is allowed to compete with our Ant Weights at our events, as this is your chance to get involved. We are trying hard to encourage new roboteers, and this is our latest option.

So... once you’ve got your kit.... built it... tested it.... and are ready for battle, why not join us as a team, and pop along to an event and actually TAKE PART.

Product testing videos can be found on our YouTube account.

To purchase a Battle Ant contact us and we can arraneg it for you -


Battle Ant Base Kit - £75 inc Postage

Following on from many requests to produce a kit where people can build as many robots as they like, as we do in schools up and down the uk, we have decided to launch just that. A kit to solve that problem. You'll just need some AA batteries, a glue gun, some cardboard and you can construct and battle with as many robots as you like.

Included in the kit are all the electronics / radio equipment to get you started.

  1. 1 x 4 channel 2.4ghz radio set
  2. 1 x Battery box
  3. 2 x Motors

To help aid you in building your very first robot, John, from Team Roaming Robots has done another " how to build a robot " The first one was "how to build a featherweight for less than £200" here In this latest video using the components in the kit, he takes you through the complete process in 15 minutes. Follow this and you will have your very first robot built in no time. And whats even better, if you want to change it or build another one, simply take it apart and rebuild it, it costs nothing.

Heres a link to the video here

To purchase a Battle Ant Base Kit contact us and we can arrange it for you -

Here's some examples of robots built using the same kit in our educational projects in schools.