Roaming Robots, the company behind the Robot Wars 2013 - 2016 Live tour and Ripper entry in the show in Series 7, is now Europe’s leading and trend setting robotic entertainments company, and has held this position for over 10 years. We are always aiming to improve our shows and services and keep making steps forwards.

The company comprises of a number of unique individuals who have all taken part on the hit TV show Robot Wars. They have all enjoyed building robots and competing in the fighting robots community for many years, however they decided it was time to give something back by providing a live tour which enables the fans of the show to see the action live rather than sitting at home watching it on TV.

Until you have felt the floor vibrate when 100kg of robot is thrown in the air by the arena flipper, or the thud of 20kg hammer of doom hitting another robot, you don’t realise just how big, ferocious and deadly these machines really are.

The company’s success is not only due to the hard work and determination of the crew, but also down to one main key person, namely our Director John Findlay. Having graduated from Coventry University with a Beng Automotive Engineering Design degree, it was John who decided to take the plunge and start Roaming Robots and is mainly responsible for the continued interest of the UK Fighting Robots.  During the 10 year spell of working in the entertainment industry he has been involved in many different projects and TV shows. Guinness World record highest popping toaster, BBC2 - Robot Wars, BBC3 - Mechanoids,BBC -  Geronimo, BBC -Epic Win, Sky 1 - Gadget Geeks, are just a few. Click HERE to see more.

The first arena was built and first used in 2002 at a charity event in Nottinghamshire, England. Since this event Roaming Robots has been growing at a rapid rate. From the experiences gained from holding hundreds of small and large events at a variety of venues, we now have the right arena and facilities for providing exciting live robot events worthy of being back on TV!!!!

March 2011 saw a huge investment into the company which has now taken it to another level leaving any competition behind! Plus the final piece in the jigsaw the Robot Wars brand. A re-branded show, new arena, new pay to drive robots, are just a few of the many things which have improved!!

Several years ago we became established in the corporate entertainment sector providing action packed packages to entertain guests at corporate functions, birthday parties, and a wide range of educational projects, which we take into schools on a regular basis.

As we encourage roboteers of all ages, we have school classes, hobby clubs, students and scout groups who build their own robots both with and without us. These are becoming a potent force in the events.

It is easy to see why building robots is a fun way of gaining education in many disciplines - design, art, technical drawing, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, general engineering and of course, "team building". All our events are organised in accordance with the FRA ( Fighting Robots Association ), which is our Governing Body for all Robotic Combat Events. The Governing body sets out the rules and guidelines, many of which Roaming Robots have been instrumental in creating.