Who are Roaming Robots?

Roaming Robots are an independent group of experienced roboteers, who have enjoyed building robots and competing in Robot Wars for many years. Roaming Robots is a family run business, which has grown immensely since its creation, we host action packed live events around the UK for other roboteers to use their machines in safe battle conditions and entertain our fans. In february 2013 they became the new ROBOT WARS. As recognition for their efforts over the last 11 years, Robot Wars LLC have given them the image rights to use both the show name and the House Robots, watch this space for it coming back on tv soon, you just never know !!!

How long has Roaming Robots been running?

Roaming Robots began in 2002 and was originally run as a club. The main objective was to bring the robots into the public domain rather than just on the TV !! TEN years on, and we are now the leading robotics entertainment company in Europe, and things are looking very good for the future with more shows, more venues and more surprises in store for the future.

When is the next Robot Wars event near me?

There are new events popping up all around the UK.

Keep an eye on the official Robot Wars website at http://www.robotwars.tv to see where the next event will be held

Are any of your shows filmed for TV?

Most of our shows are now filmed for DVD / TV usage. Roaming Robots has been the longest running and most successful robotic entertainment company outside of Robot Wars. Our mission has always been to keep fighting robots alive, and our DVDs are extremely popular. Saying that, we have had several independent producers interested in working with us in the near future so watch this space.

If I had an idea, and I want it made, could you help?

Roaming Robots pride itself by the fact that we are probably one of the most flexible companies around. We always enjoy new challenges, and some of the most wacky ideas provide us with a nice challenge. It doesn’t have to be robot orientated, we have an extremely skilled crew and they can build just about anything. Check out our services page for more information or contact us.

Is Roaming Robots available for hire?

Yes, Roaming Robots was the first robotic combat style entertainment company of which its facilities can be hired. Our arenas, both main battle and smaller corporate arenas have all been designed and built in a modular construction to fit any shape or size required.

We are available to run many types of shows, be it small birthdays, corporate, or our main UK tour show.Plus our increasingly popular educational projects are always expanding! Contact us for more information and to see how we can fit it to suit your requirements.

My school would like something to entertain the pupils can you help?

Not only can Roaming Robots provide you with robots either on static display, or to entertain by demonstration fights, we can also organise educational projects to fit in with your budget, time, and other specific requirements.

Teaching the pupils how to design robots is always a very popular subject. Especially if they get to build the robots they design and then reward them with a final competition where they get to battle their own creations. The educational section of Roaming Robots is becoming increasingly popular, as it is a unique way of teaching core subjects in an interesting way.