Events for Hire

We offer several types of event packages, depending on your event budget and size.

Heavy Weight FULL Event

Eg UK Robot Wars Live Tour.

This features our main battle arena, robots and teams from the TV show Robot Wars. It isn’t until you hear the crash and bash of a 100kg robot crashing from 6ft in the air you realise how big and powerful they are.

This includes both Major Damage and Matilda within the show.

Heavy Weight Demo Event

Eg North Tyneside Council 3 days Summer 2013 & booked for 2014, Santa Pod 3 days May 2014, a real crowd puller!

For the event, we bring a smaller version of our main battle arena, which includes the inner structure and outer polycarb, mounted on trussing for safety.

A range of heavyweight robots (100kg) put on demonstration fights, with some others on display. It includes Matilda from the TV show for display and Major Damage, the brand new Robot Wars house robot, if he is available.

Feather Weight Event

For the smaller budget Feather Weight event, which has all the wow factor of music, noise and robots throwing each other around in spectacular style, they are just smaller versions.

Eg, London Model Engineering Show, January 2014 Alexander Palace, London, re-booked for 2015; Redditch Needle Museum Summer 2014.

We build a special 3m x 3m arena for the event, where people can watch display fights, and we can even let members of the audience have a drive of robots themselves. We bring some of the famous robots such as Matilda and Major Damage for display. If required and there’s space we can do some demos of the bigger robots, such as Major Damage.

We again invite teams from all over the UK to bring their robots and take part in the event.

New for 2014 - Robogeddon

The Ultimate Robotic Combat Experience brought directly to your event.

A fantastic Robot Wars style compliment to any other attractions for your event.

This is an exciting new spectator and player event!

  • Robot Wars style entertainment for all ages
  • Four people can play at the same time
  • Each game lasts from 2 to 4 minutes
  • No experience necessary – great fun for all ages, spectators and players!
  • Robots are easy to control and impressive
  • Awesome sound system adds to the experience
  • Robots can flip other bots and right themselves if flipped


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