The Big News

Starting 2013 with a bang !!!

So it's been a long time coming, but finally the time is here to announce our news!

Over the last two years we have been in negotiations with Robot Wars LLC, about joining forces, and that’s what we are doing !!.

We have a signed a franchise deal which means we will be working closely with Robot Wars LLC and promoting the Robot Wars brand as our show and hopefully this means the future looks very bright for our hobby!
It has always been our dream to be in this position, so as you can imagine its such a great opportunity to be given.
We have initiated the transition period... so I can now announce that the Roaming Robots / Robots: Extreme Wars Live brand will soon be disappearing from the public eye, and the replacement will be the brand ... Robot Wars. !!!!

Not only will we become Robot Wars, but with it come the rights to use the House Robots if we can find them. Or even make replicas if needed.

Maybe you will see Sir Killalot working with Major Damage in the arena and then you need to be scared !!

Over the next few events you will see things changing as our current brand disappears and we take over the Robot Wars brand… House Robots, arena changes, new YouTube, Facebook and Website.... we have all sorts of new and exciting things planned in 2013 with our new direction. Watch this space !

Portsmouth in March will be the first event with the new branding, this will include new merchandise and publicity material, and some other subtle changes. By the following event in Colchester we hope to have everything finished and swapped over and looking sweet !!!

2013 is the year we have been waiting for !





Robot Wars franchise has been signed !

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